Amy Bernadette

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Amy Bernadette

Every tattoo is important to me, big or small. The trust that my clients give me and the permanence of what I get to do for a living blow my mind every day. I’ve been a licensed tattooer since 2016. Doing my favorite thing in the world for a living has been life changing.

My first love in tattooing was traditional. I quickly grew a huge affection for the fun, cute, and silly side of art and tattooing. I think my style sort of juxtaposes all of it. Any time I get to do bubbly, weird, or quirky subject matter, I’m the happiest girl on earth!

I do everything I can to make sure my clients feel happy, safe, and listened-to. The experience of getting the tattoo is as important to me as the tattoo itself. I’m a goofy, awkward blabbermouth and I want everybody who steps into my booth to have a great time. Come see me so we can make some super fun tattoos!
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