Blake Karchner

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Blake Karchner

Blake has been unleashed on this earth to create one thing- Bad Ass Tattoos. He has climbed the highest of mountains, tamed the wildest of dragons, and bathed with monkeys in natural hot springs across the world. He has now decided to bring his collection of sandals and sweatpants as well as his artistic abilities on Studio Evolve. Blake may look like pure chaos but his tattoos are anything but. He specializes in Japanese Traditional, American Traditional, and many other styles to create any image your little heart desires.

Blake has been tattooing since 2006 and has conquered many things few others have done. He has tattooed many D -list celebrities, rode in limos with NBA superstars, ran for mayor for a city in New Jersey, and saw the white house from a click ad on Instagram. He will be more than happy to take time to design the tattoo of your dreams while having a somewhat mildly intellectual, high volume conversation with you while he does.
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