Brendan Tierney

Brendan Tierney
Ever since my mother gave me my first set of crayons, I proceeded to scrawl a primitive narrative of flying alligators and muscle bound robots across the walls and furniture, and drawing has been the driving force in my life ever since. A life long skateboard and graffiti enthusiast, I have continued to scrawl my artwork on walls, canvases, and human beings across the country. Coming of age in San Francisco in the 90’s I immersed himself in skateboarding, punk rock, and street art culture. 

Today, I live a more focused and positive existence; tattooing, surfing, and painting murals. I love doing big, colorful, surrealistic tattoos that capture the creative vision of my clients. Taking the time to make a real connection with each person I tattoo, in order to realize their vision in its truest form is of upmost importance. A tattoo stays with you for the rest of your life, and I want each of my clients to look down and be overjoyed with the work I’ve done for them day after day.
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