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Colleen Bricker

Hi, I’m Colleen and I’ve been tattooing since 2015. Art has always been a predominant focus in my life, to the point, that making it my career made perfect sense. Ever since, I have only been striving to get better and more refined with every tattoo that I do. Comfort and communication are key factors throughout any project, and I always encourage my clients to be open with me about their needs and ideas to create a safe and enjoyable environment for both of us.

My main interest is custom fantasy and sci-fi art, as I have a big imagination and can produce endless characters and narrative scenes to go along with them. I also really enjoy anime/manga content, both custom and replication, as well as nature imagery like bones, critters, and bugs. I prefer medium-larger scale work, but if it sounds fun, I’ll do anything of any size.

Other than art; I have two cats, love food, and enjoy writing, reading, and world-building. You are more then welcome to tell me about your nerdy projects while I paint your skin!