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Colleen Bricker

Art I feel is an ingrained part of me, from the moment I could feasibly hold a pencil I used it and other tools to bring to life the images in my head. I was the kid getting in trouble in class for drawing and not working, dragging bags full of art supplies everywhere I go.

I started pursuing tattooing the year I turned eighteen in 2012 and have been grinding ever since. Tattooing always made sense to me as a career, and as I actually entered the field and learned more about it I realized I had found my calling. I love creating personalized art for people to wear on their bodies and show off, and have found tattooing to be the most flattering and genuinely rewarding thing I have done in my life. I take great pleasure in seeing people’s faces light up with excitement at my designs.

The things that inspire me are too numerous to name in full, from a dramatic scene in a movie, to a chilling line in a song, to snow falling around roses at dusk. I find art and inspiration in the most surprising places. But my favorite material to draw and tattoo is fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. I absolutely love drawing monsters, witches, fairies, ghosties, demons, etc. The creepier and bloodier the better. Despite this I also really enjoy organic imagery such as interesting plants and animals. Pretty much anything that really allows me to exercise my imagination is what I want to tattoo. I am particularly adept at drawing the female figure and face and enjoy incorporating this into my art. I love details and intricacies and I am always trying to approach designs in the most unique way I can.
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