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Gabriel Cece

Having been tattooing since 1995, I’ve sat at many stations, worn several hats at different stages of my career, and had the pleasure of working next to some of the most creative individuals I’ve ever known. Being in Hampton Roads since spring of 2004 has been no different. In my time in the Tidewater region, I believe that I have become the tattooer that I am meant to be, and more in touch with my own way of doing things. My artistic influences outside of tattooing are still the same as they’ve always been, as I am very much a tattooer who came up in the 90’s, and I’ve found balance in my own sur’reality, with new perspectives and substance. As much as I appreciate black and gray work for its classic appeal, I prefer working in color. In either case, the more freedoms I have while tattooing, the better. As I’ve progressed in my career, I’m doing mostly large-scale pieces, but still enjoy the smaller pieces from time to time, and look forward to more of just about anything that comes my way. With that said, many of the tattoos I do these days are multiple session work at an hourly rate.

I still tattoo as often as I can at Studio Evolve, but my schedule is limited. I usually stay booked 6 months ahead of time, and I prefer to have an in-person consultation with my clients before I schedule any appointments, or take a deposit. Thank you for your interest in my work, please stop in the shop, call, email, or find me on the social medias to connect.

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