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I’m from Allentown, Pennsylvania. About 45 minutes from Philadelphia, hour from NYC and 5 minutes Jersey. I started out as a kid drawing portrait then moved into graffiti. After a few years I started as a caricature at the age of 15. Traveled to every theme park and/or adventure park on the east coast. This allowed me to meet many people alone the way. Including many talented artist. Which got me into many different art mediums and platforms.

I initially became a tattoo artist after I was over working for the aggressive, cold hearted, greedy Corporate America. After a few years of killing small businesses across the country helping larger businesses succeed. I came to find out that my friends were right. I would be happier and more inclined to draw and create. My two best friends for years had been trying to get me to try tattooing. Mainly Cause I already been drawing tattoo designs for others. So dropped everything and started my career in Easton Pennsylvania. I finally took the leap.

After a long apprenticeship, almost two years. All it took was one look into the history of tattooing. What pushed me over was this understanding. That this group of people shaped and built and changed the world for what it is today. A art form that is able to not only change the world will change people’s views. To be a part of a art form that has been around longer than most forms of religion. This intrigued me. The fact that it’s gone through so many changes and evolved so many times and it’s still here. That is one of the main reasons why I chose this life. Because tattoo is not just about the art it’s about the history. It’s about the client, it’s about what you were doing for that particular person and yourself. You are giving them a sense of pride. You are optimizing their body so that there are confident throughout their life. You’re adding a page of their book for everyone to see. We’re helping them overcome personal goals. You are giving pace in one of it’s rare forms. So this is why I do what I do. It’s all for the love of the creation, peace and ensuring quality to my clients. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I make a money doing it.

So, I gave up corporate to join the tattoo Nation. I’ve met many people, I’ve wore many hats, worked many jobs and see many places. I must say at the story doesn’t stop here though. It will keep on going. The question is, ”do you want to join that story?” Now, as for tattooing I am a fan of black and gray. Love how smooth transitions between the tones look and I love how it stands the test of time. It doesn’t mean that I do not do color. I love to do some color depending on the style and design of the piece that I am doing. I love large scale designs not fond of really tiny tattoos. So come on by have a consultation let’s make your dreams and thoughts a reality on your skin.
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