L. Marie

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L. Marie

I love people and art so tattooing always seemed like the perfect avenue for me! When I first got my apprenticeship I was very much like “cool! I’m gonna get to put my art on humans!” But after doing this for a few years, I see it is so much more than that. I get to be a tiny part of helping people feel more comfortable in the body they exist in and that is the most humbling thing I’ve ever done.

I’m a plant and bug lady so that’s a definite theme in the tattoos I do but, I enjoy tattooing a whole range of things. I especially like doing very organic, flowy, feminine pieces that work with your anatomy – of course the more free range the better!

If you would like to get tattooed by me, please submit your idea through the contact page on my: website: www.tattoosbyL.com
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