Mandi Johnson

mandi johnson

My journey as a tattoo artist began in Maryland in 2006, and along the path that lead me to Studio Evolve, I have had the privilege of working alongside many talented artists, and the pleasure of meeting many wonderful clients. I am a versatile artist with experience in a variety of styles, but I feel my strength truly lies in colorful illustrative and cute/kawaii neo-traditional work. I am comfortable working on both large or small scale pieces. I’m always striving to learn and improve my craft so that I can continue to offer the very best of my abilities. 

Much of my work is heavily inspired by fantasy and sci-fi books, pop culture (80’s and 90’s nostalgia in particular), gaming, and Halloween. If it’s spooky, sparkly or nerdy, it’s right up my alley. I love having the opportunity to celebrate the things that inspire and influence my clients and I encourage them to tell me all about their favorite fandoms! I’m also an animal lover, and thoroughly enjoy tattooing critters of all kinds, real or imagined.

I feel incredibly grateful to be able to connect with people in such a permanent way through tattooing. It can be a deeply rewarding process, especially when clients are confident in their ideas and entrust me with the freedom to bring them to life.

Let’s make some magic together!

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